This Beautiful Faces Should not fade

Zainab Alli (unilag)

The best tours I have ever been to was, at epe, while in the quest for my indigeneship verification process, having spent two days at epe, I and my mother took a walk, around the tiled roads of that city, then at one end, we found ourselves on a street that lead toward graves, and as we walk past few, there was this dirge that gave me a sense of thorough humility, I wasn’t really scared but I was perturbed, it read:-

Here lies the remain of Adunni. A beauty acknowledged to behold
A heart so peaceful that death
couldn’t look elsewhere.
When you get there, say well to other beauties
That left the world so soon.

I took the photograph of this dirge, but unfortunately I was limited to what I know, I couldn’t saved it on my phone cloud memory, and it washed away like the passage of time.

Each day as we live, each sunrise and twilight, a part of us would leave, going back to where it came from, this part is the dust referred to as, “From dust we are, and unto dust we shall return” unfortunately, whether you sleep or walk around town, whether you live in a fully air conditioned room, or under the oppressing heat of the lower Nigeria, you can’t pick back the seconds that passes you by, tragically you can’t even bring back the sadness that a day has been deleted from the wonders you are chosen to perform. My friend the end is trying to dial our line.

Ileyemi Mariam (LASU)

Among the memes once created by humans, many of us must have come across the memes with skulls arranged in format, rather from their point of deaths, or randomly chosen, it said

“Who among them was powerful?
Who among them was a king?
Who among them was BEAUTIFUL?, yes beautiful thats my point, one day death would come, but may ours come in ripe season.”

In my journey through life, in my so small travails among the people I grew up with, among the very faces I have seen on public transport, that I have seen on hijabs as beautiful as they could be, that I have seen in the various churches I have attended, the reality is, I have never been satisfied with one, because I see everyday a different beautiful woman, young lady, mother, that for the days gone by, in memoriam, I too have once felt the urge to be with one, to dine, and this continued even on and on, till when the reality hunted me, then I coined this phrase,
“When a man falls for a woman’s face, all the women in the world would never satisfy him, but when a man falls for a woman’s soul, millions of women won’t bother

I hope this faces would never fade with time, dear I really wish this rainbows on your eyes call beauty would remain till eternity, then in that regards, forever on your feet will remain men of callous calibre, men with insatiable demand for the lustful desire call enjoyment, but so sad, your face would go into wrinkles just like the ones of former times.

This beautiful faces should not fade, dear friend, I tell you, this were the words of a woman who have have seen it all, won it all, and tasted it all, “it saddens my heart that my beautiful face would fall into shackles, my pictures would not remember me anymore when the time shall come, but I do really hope I have amassed so much with it that its fading will blossom my age”
As I walked through the faculties of different university, from the lagoons of Unilag, to the standing staffs of O.A.U, down to the long farmland of Lagos State University, into the tight corner of yaba college of technology, I have witnessed so amazing faces that I can’t even recall so much more, no wonder statistically a man spent over 90% of his entire life staring, but precisely at what? Women? Maybe no, BEAUTIES.

Ilesanmi Rushdah (LASU)

So dear sisters, what then shall remain of your spotless face, few years from now, when the “youthful you” has gone into oblivion, what then shall remain? when the curves of today, become isocelles triangle, I don’t know, I am just a man who knows that he knows nothing, I am just a passerby always roaming with the hunger of adventure, I am like Ulysses, even with old age I love the seas, I am an insatiable traveler, the less I travel the shorter my span with air.

I have not come to preach religion, but I hope you gasped unto that which sustain this beautiful eyes I see everyday, for this beautiful faces should not fade, and if perhaps they fade, then I would be sad if I have known you, and importantly it will be tragic if you ever cross this road.

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