The Radio: A dying medium?

By Monsuroh Abdulsemiu

Chuck Kelly wrote and I quote “Ever since the inception of radio, nearly 100 years ago, people have been predicting its demise. Time and time again, the predictions fail because radio is one of the most adaptable technologies in the marketplace and continues to fill important niches for consumers”.

For example “when television became a strong market force after World War II, radio was pushed out of its front and center living room position in the home. Radio responded by adapting to the mobile and portable environment.
Today, reports are saying that streaming technologies are going to destroy radio, but radio is adapting around this challenge well enough, offering streaming options as well as over-the-air programming”.

Growing up, we watched our parents tune in to their favourite station every morning to listen and get informed, and this has remained their potent means of getting information. Subsequently, very few of their statistics has switched to television and other promising mediums. Now, they can even listen to radio even on their buttoned and android phones but what matters is the difference in the level of interest!
In remote areas of Nigeria and Africa, radio has remain the primary If not the only source of connection with civilization and the people outside their domain.
Stay with me for a drink as I tell the story of Baba Dada, a farmer who lives in a remote area of Osun state.
Baba Dada would wake up early in morning to begin a 2 miles journey to his farm land to work, he would carry all necessary tools and equipment with him. Most especially, he won’t forget his radio.
Not only would the radio keep him company while journeying, he would also get the ample news of happenings from around his locality, Nigeria, his country and from the world at large.

Technology has succeeded in inventing communication medium that are more appealing than radio but the radio has remained unbent and unbroken in delivering it’s service as the most potent medium of communication and also the closest, so also the most affordable and accessible medium of communication.

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