Secession: A mirage not reality

Kareem Itunu Azeez
The various warlords, and the sudden rise of people who have no full knowledge of what it means to struggle in a period of civil unrest, have so emerged from different regions in recent times. And this frustration seems to be gaining weight by the day, however this menace needs proper address by the President himself, who amidst this all has gone out of the country for another routine medical check up.
The six geopolitical zones now seems to be having non-state actors flagging the frustration of a larger group, into what I dim an “unknown end”, and ultimately 80% is pointing into anarchy. We know quite well the country is fast becoming if not a failed state under these cabals, and since there is no respect for the rule of law, gradually it is now becoming the survival of the fittest, more like the survival of the larger and stronger group.
Evidently clear on a daily basis how disastrous tomorrow looks as things continue to unfold the way it is going-
Nnamdi Kanu, with the vision of Biafra, Tompolo for the oil rich areas, the sudden rise of Igboho, in the south-west, and now the Arewa secessionist movement as well, this definitely does not look good for our sovereignty, no matter how frustrated one can be, the leaders remain the mandate of the people, not non-state actors, who now see themselves as the messiah needed. And unforgivable are the characters of our leaders, who leave no traces that we can still lean on, or as a clinger to hope on that things may still get better, today, Africa is leaving Nigeria behind.
If these agitators had read books about the likes of Awolowo, the great Zik, or if they had seen Ahmadu Bello, speak, they perhaps would understand the problems lies in us, they in fact would understand what it truly means to be bounded in freedom, and a constitution. But because their frustration about the happenings have blinded them, they seem to judge by their emotions and not reason beyond the now.
On an assumption, should the state of Nigeria, be out on hold for now, and the separation requested granted, what would be the fate of the common man, I ask where would you go, which land would you claim to be your own, nor who are those that shall earn your mandate, do we have answers for all this in place? Well your guess is as good as mine.
The entity called Nigeria, got into this marriage through coercion, no doubt, however, in an age where we are bounded by constitution there is nothing wrong in negotiating our living together, but the trouble is, through this wrong process, we would usually get nowhere.
The 1963 constitution has provided answers to the regional troubles we have today, we know too well there is little or no love between the average Nigerians of different race and tribes, only a few who have certain interest in common can relate together mutually, another thing is not worthy of taking note, little wonder today’s politicians are nothing compared to those who had fought for the independence we enjoy today, these ones are just bunch of opportunist, and careless about the troubles knocking on our doors.
Who are those who have made the west so unbearable to live in, are they men from the north or the east, who are those making the north fall back in times, if not those who are representing the northern people, the same thing to the east, those whom we have given the Barton to represent us are our servants, but because of our nonchalant attitudes, we give the wrong solution to a different question. This is why it pains me to the marrow that we as a people hardly thinks.
Sometimes I look back and wonder how much knowledge those people clamoring to self rule their territory know about processes which it takes to actually do what is necessary, but then again, we understand it’s all politically oriented, this people have some certain backing luring them on, but unfortunately, when the chips are down, you will leave alone, big reason why the separatist should take heed. The strongest commander of men, the igbo race has ever created, had once said at all, “Never pray for another civil war” late ojukwu had said, however in this age where knowledge has frowned so versatile, amidst an army of depressed youths, secessionist seems to b gaining momentum on a daily basis.
The reality now is, no one can solve the issues we face here, if not use, insecurity, poverty, bad economic system, bad leadership, corruption, and the endless list of struggles to face Nigeria, you can’t put your country in a mess and expect foreigners come put it in order, nor can you burn down your house, then request to live somewhere else.
While the current wave of tragedy continue to surge, we look backwards then realize we weren’t really underdeveloped by the whites, but in fact we were being nurtured to life, in reality, we are yet to understand the basic and easy concept of self rule.
Tomorrow holds another drama, while we sit and watch, the home is no longer home, more banditry movements have taken place, and even more kidnappings are on the horizon, every corner of our society now points to a possible attack on innocent citizens who are at the mercy of this people.
People that in one region, once they are apprehended, they are pampered and rehabilitated, CRIMINALS!!, why then won’t more arms be picked.
Yet amidst all this, secession isn’t a final result, and I do hope those clamoring for this really have the answers to these questions, where do you go if this is offered on a plate of gold, who would be your leaders, what land would you claim, and the many questions whose answers you may not be able to provide.
 In concluding this it is urgent we educate ourselves not to fall prey to some few people who just want to have a dip in the coooky jar, as it has now become such that activism and religious business seems to be the most lucrative, so in other not to fall victim to the whims of this so called sudden activist, it is even better you get the necessary weapon useful to effect the answer you want. It is not necessary you belong to a party, but it is necessary you vote for an individual who is worthy to listen, and also vote out those who have tarried for so long without any result, but rather put us in this dungeon we are headed.
Kareem Itunu Azeez writes from Lagos State University
Editor-in-chief, ACJ-LASU

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