Poor Must Love Themselves Else Die In Misery -By Abdulrahman Yunusa

To live in a terrain where everyone is seems to be lazy as many self intellectual says, its the worst experience one could ever had because the few active ones whom we are seeing as wealthy and powerful are callously feeding and sucking from the poor blood of many weaker men whom they describe and shamelessly refer to as Masses or poor men.

Well, A poor has no savior than himself, therefore, it’s compulsory for poor people to unite themselves and fight against the tyranny of the few selfish folks called ” Elites ” because they are nothing but a treat to there lives more especially at a horrific epoch of ” Survival of the fittest ” as our current situation in Nigeria indicate.

Furthermore, Its very appalling to realize that In today’s the live has despondently turn from modern to primitive, from helping/love to hatred/selfishness and from fighting for humanity to fight against humanity. This is the darkest situation a country like Nigeria will ever witness under the bond of social contract.

Despite the law and sanctions still the fight against wealth accumulation and power dominance are thriving. The strong within the society are subjugating the weaker ones all in the disguise of capitalism and democracy.

Thus, this question of ” How, when and by what time exactly shall we set ourselves from the shackles of injustice and oppression.” Have been disturbing my thinking capacity for over time. Yet The powerful men are secretly conniving with the men of wealth to keep their perpetual dirty act of power and wealth accumulation. Why I said so ?

Moreover, I simply said this because not because I look down upon the great occupation of our ancestors but because even the petty occupation which was held by the poor for over years as a way of living and sustainance ” Farming ” it has now fast becoming the game of the wealthy ones. This become possible by halting the price of even the chemicals used by farmers to produce more output that will sustain them through their lives and even help them sell some part for other financial purpose.

Sadly, Now such farming of self consumption is trying to become a history due to the factor I mentioned above. What’s the way out to this gargantuan problem ? Shall we just seat and be watching beast eating our flesh badly without resistant ? No, we must act in a wiser way.

Meanwhile, they intiate that to dominate all aspect of life thereby to make everyone liability except the few of their type and seek our hands to work on their plantations for less wages or choose not to do and die in destitute condition.

Since we fathom such archaic move and pitiless gesture from those people of inhuman actions, we should imbibe the philosophy of ” Self Love ” in our mind in order to escape the deadly trap of their plots against our poor soul. However, our failure to do the needful by taking the problem of one as a problem to all and success to one is success to all, then we would be consume by the murky plot of those men of less sympathy and empathy for they glorify wealth and selfishness over humanity because they will keep swallowing our flesh through divide and rule.

God forbid, the Lord of Prophet Isah and Prophet Muhammad is the lord of mercy who elude millions of people from the hand of bloody tyrants, to which the likes of Pharaoh of the ancient egypt is part of and many oppressors in the history the world is by our side Insha Allah. We shall conquer their plot of treachery and bed of injustice by his will, and shall extricate ourselves from the thorny ocean of oppression.

Therefore, We should as a matter of urgency seek his dive intervention to salvage us from the ocean of misery which we are forcefully thrown by the merchants of deaths, agony and injustice agents and deadly power mongers.

It’s hightime we unite ourselves and approach our problems collectively because when thousands of weak objects solely unite themselves in a highly organize way, they can possibly defeat a strong that chose to do individually. And the power of a broom should sound as a clear example that no matter how inactive or worthless you look, when you collectively unite yourself with your alikes there is a tendency of achieving a highly imaginable success.

May Allah deliver us from heartless human beast who are parading themselves as leaders and wealthy beings.

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