Of Amotekun and the northern fears..

Kareem itunu Azeez

First it was the Northern youths threatening the newly but regional based Amotekun, and then some days after it was Malami, making some reckless opinion of his, that the Western security network is illegal. But thank God some “Senior Citizens” have disregard his basis. But looking at this from an holistic point of view, what is the fear of northern people.

With the level of security or the state of the nation, a sane system should encourage regional development, instead of condemn self growth. The federal government claim, that it is unaware of the operations, should be question quickly and should therefore be understood as another weakness emanating from the center. The western regions and its state are dominantly that which the ruling party at the center is its dominated units, which therefore signifies there must be some form of communication among this political elites, especially been in the same party.

Secondly, we must know that recently the Oni of ife visited the federal government, and from various gatherings, it was discovered that security was part of the issue been raised, and peaceful coexistence among Nigerians, is Malami telling the people therefore that the oni at a time wouldn’t have made mentions of proactive steps to be taken by the region in supplementing the system that is failing?

While the Branding and furnishing of the security was on, I mean this preparations didn’t just came out of the blue in one-day and suddenly we have an Amotekun, the police, and other governmental parastatals didn’t see it that suddenly the people from the north mostly see this as a threat?

Having gone through recent developments and the way the network is going, I must admit as well as everyone to believe that the Northwest, Northeast, and Southwest would definitely come up with their own version of Amotekun, pending the federal government claim that its still assessing and the coordination of the group

Now let is access some of the reasons why the northern people are so hell bent in the devolution of the newly security of the west, even though currently their cries are just poor to overpower the knowledge of the west.

I must say strongly that the fear of separation is the main reason why the northern cries is so loud. Nigerian may be bounded by a constitution and govern by so many laws that we even forget to remember some, simply because we are a group of people with laws but no practices especially if you are among the 10% rich in the country.

With various belief as well as evident record the north always and most times believe that with their helpless and massive population, it is their right to always rule, and therefore needles to understand the true meaning of democracy and federalism, therefore the beginning of regional government is also a crack to their power struggle. But let us proudly remind them that overpopulation without education to back it will disrupt its neighbours of their personal growth as well, but once the governors of the west as well as the east have seen through the lens, it is therefore not compulsory they strongly fight resolutely for power at the center.

Another reason for their noise is from the perspective of Biafra gaining more agitating ground; considering the level of biafran agitation in recent memory, it is a logical truth that the successful birth of Amotekun will span the growth of a new security group from the East. And this will in one way or the other harbour many youths with the biafran blood, safeguarding the interest of the Igbo nation, with this, an era of punish at sight I forseen especially with the form of relationship between this two, “No love Lost” and as such the very foundation that justifies the northern claim of ruling without moving the county forward would be limited.

Repatriation of the uncontrolled northern people across developing regions would be limited; that alone is one of their fears, if we look at the country today, the tribe with most emigrants are the northern people irrespective of how bounded we are as one family, and the truth is, they don’t come into this states with a mindsets to devewoildthem, they always come with the mind of domination and conquest, locally those of us of lower cadre can testify to this. A good example is Lagos for example, often tagged wrongly as “Land of nobody” one out of every bike man arrested for evading law is an Hausa or Fulani man, that doesn’t mean there are no Igbo’s or Yoruba’s among law breakers but if one out of every three is from the northern path of the country then how about or offence punishable by law that aren’t mention, yet committed by them in the name of one country.

Now if Amotekun starts with full force as expected, and as fast as the east in their quest for development xooy the same, I can gallantly tell you, many Fulani or Hausas especially those with lawlessness would not be sent back hone but would definitely walk home by themselves. This is one of their troubles.

Many a time when I listen to Mr Jimi Disu speaks, he would always say, “This country is a conspiracy” my point of reference to that statement is this, we have an educated vice president, Senior Advocate Of Nigeria, (SAN), yet nothing has come of whatsoever from them, not even from top “polithikers”, they are only trying to three safely, which one more time gives me the feeling that this people are all aware of it all. It is just a sad scenario that the center no longer can hold.

I sincerely know too well, if the system works there would be no need for any regional base security, while theirs even much to discuss concerning the financial basis and payment structure of the network, our concern suddenly should be switched to the surprise discorn from the opposing direction, and while there is yet any official statement from the government at the center, all opinion from anyone is just their self expression, but when its desperately negative then there are hidden secrets in such motives.

If there was standard education, for the Nigerian masses, employment opportunities and the environment to sustainable growth, the need for security measures will be limited. But since this social amenities are off the thoughts of the Nigerian ” Rulers” the only thing we would continue to pit our thoughts into is the security of the scarce life and properties of ourselves.

While there seems to be no difference in the modus operandi of the Amotekun, and other recognize regional security even in the north, much eye brows have been raised concerning the latest, and more importantly is the fact that two opposing sides are in the wake of it all, while the west have tossed the die, the north is against it, the east supports it, both have their interest to pursue. One is chasing self freedom which encourages self believe in self growth, the other continuously harbour in the sweats of the other, and by nook or crook will do everything within it’s powers to keep hold of what it does not posses.

The West have kickstart something positive, let the north do the same, or aren’t they tired of herdsmen attack, banditry, and other menace crippling their progress structurally, education wise, and even governmentally, of what use is the population that yield more poverty, when you have all it takes to develope. On this basis, whoever’s opinion is against the success of any region, “To hell with such a person”

Let us still not forget that a failed governmental process can’t stop the choice of the masses, Amotekun included. Regional security is a response to the failed security system

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