Connecting the dots in a wounded world

As far as I have my past, and still falters
Currently, why should I filter your acts so harshly,
for we are the last hope of a wounded,
World, lets us all come together,
Connecting the dotsof our differences,
it doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done,
what world you come from, or the race you belong,
love will always find a way, am sure of that”………..Kareem Itunu Azeez.

One of the most amazing forward, I have ever seen is that of Stephen R Corvey, in his book, “Everyday greatness”, “I feel blessed” so many punchlines that touched the navel of the soul, but in comparison to today’s world, one will agree with me, that the exact opposite is the today we are, and unfortunately, we are the last hope, of this wounded world, if we fail to agree, and if we fail to live with love, one-day we might all wake up to a world where mortality has engulfed us all, without living the dreams we ought to have lived.

Without leaving the shores of my homeland, the world is already a global network, where you can see so much that beats the eye, from the sunny plains of Africa, to the cold slopes of the Australian world, men have advanced in technology, men already are becoming the masters of exploration, but men with all his wisdom, still doesn’t know how to live together, even with over four thousand religious groups preaching peace and love, in their different ways.

world powers such as USA, and Russia with respect to others, have failed to agree terms, to live with peace, in their frantic race of who takes what or gets what, while the Chinese are not far behind, economic wise, the question should be, what then would happen, if all this race for recognition and been feared is achieved?, would it make the world better than it was yesterday, or would the world remain the Eden it use to be, from time immemorial?, I believe the world would be better off, if men like us really do not exist, for with us, wars and enmity has took tole upon the hills of our heart.

So many fatalities of late, the ones we know, the ones we do not know, which still falls under human rights tragedies, but this aren’t limited to the ones that manage to be momentarily immortalized by hashtags — there are many ongoing tragedies happening right under our noses that don’t necessarily get attention.

In Syria today, the world seems to have isolate a people who breath the air we share, but ler us all remember the works done by the super powers to bring peace to a people who now live in fear, our freedom is not complete without the freedom of even our brothers the Palestinians, a simple shower of love, could change so much more, in Tibet also, as I read the daily mews nd, consult my research, there’s a cultural and political rights been denied in Tibet and Xinjiang, with credit to Patrick Dehhan, in his article, he wrote, “Free Tibet” is a slogan that is, in some ways, synonymous with our nation’s modern protest culture. It’s a struggle that is ongoing, even if it is not in the headlines, China is still depriving people of their cultural and political rights in Tibet and Xinjiang, two autonomous regions in the country” truly things like this don’t hit the headlines, but a package of love dose, could change so much, and peace could be send there, humanity needs more of love than power could do, men’s way though is tragic, as they seems the only creature who enjoyed killing for fun, possibly after cats, but they are still blessed with knowledge immensely.
I rather not venture too deep mentioning so much places where aids are needed, all this are quite online, my story is just to emphasize one more time, and to remind us about the places where love story is no longer read.

Let us travel to a continent yet underdeveloped, due to the old believe of some people, that the western world underdeveloped the African world, this to me seems untrue, everyone with their perception, politically the people of Africa still doesn’t understand what it means to be selfless, as the mantra here is self interest, no one cares about the people,they promised to govern, the world need more of selfless people which Africans lack at the moment, from the seas of Libya, where modern slavery is in prevalent today, even in the 21st century, to the hungry cities of Nigeria, where the country has become the capital of world poorest countries, an irony, compared to the resources in possession of a people who know about love but often time forgets it.

I hope my voices could be heard, from my hidden home, scared of what the world ha become, I hope my words reach all of the world, from across all the lands, I hope the soldiers on the field realise how much we have lost, in human capital, and how many creative minds have gone home unfulfilled and unknown. This should rather bring us closer to one another, so the dots could be connected, for we all need each other.
Recently, according to, Indian writer, Mr. Mishra, in his book age of anger, as published by the Econonist magazine, he highlighted how hatred has so engulfed human, to a level, where, In it, Mr Mishra shocks on several levels. First, he sees no hope that two years ago, might prove the high-water mark of anger, cynicism and ugly nationalism. Indeed, he argues that the world will become only more divided and disorderly. As economies slow, more people will feel that powerful elites have dangled the fruits of material progress only to pull them away. More will feel a sense of displacement, either figuratively within their country, or literally, because they have been forced to leave their failing states. Some will take the spontaneous decision to vote for a populist who promises to tear down the system at great cost. Some will make a life-altering and fatal decision for jihad. Whether easy or extreme, angry reactions may be perverse, but they can feel exhilarating. Two years ahead, at frightening pace, the world seems to be falling on a geometrical progression.
Technology wise, as earlier emphasized, the world is the competition of the world, we have improved beyond ordinary, yet only as far as our human taught could carry, the old philosophers of time past, Aristotle, Platos if the world, have all tried to understand the riddle of why the world isn’t at peace with itself, even Maslow, in his theory of hierarchical needs, one thing seems tantamount to observations, the feelings of important, which in every sense, is okay, but nowadays has breed children such as negative egos, the venomous will to control and not be controlled, the desire to be recognized at all cost.

Solace would conclude this write up therefore, surviving in a wounded as ours today, might prove too difficult, and unless we stand tall for the selfless desire to love without expectations.

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