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Henry Amami Breathe, Smile, Play, Be deliberately, deliberate about your ‘Happening-next’ Breathe, Just once more And again. Even the twisted Tree, is but a shade…

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Test Your Sanity

2020 is, has, been a rough bed of tongs and roses. Tough roses. To be sure one got though the scratches done and undamaged, there…

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Abbi _(Steward Of Time Series)

I came From a world where, If in anger, you table your grievances against a brother or sister before the gods, rather than the elders,…

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Life is but a sure path to death – the finality. But man speculate on its aftermath not pondering on what proceeded life. What are…

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Wow, beautiful!

  To the angel that is, You! I say “beautiful!” To your dimpled ‘knowing’ but soft smiles, I say “wow beautiful!” Wow beautiful You are…

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Re: 20.10.20

We are but mere disposable pawns, raped and dangled as the oppressor wishes. The tales of our forefathers ring in the not far distance past….

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The Speech

The king is unwell indeed, his utterance leaves a stale taste in the mouth. If you have a choice, take cover from this stench, before…

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Amami H. Series

*20.10.20* Are these pawns in the hands of our oppressors not part of the struggles will face, daily? Are they, somehow immune? This time, posterity…

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