100 years on, after WW1….They shall be Remembered

At the 11th hour of the 11th day, in the 11th month, the guns went silent, it was a silence that changed the history of the world forever, with over 16.1 million deaths, it was regarded as the bloodiest, and deadliest war of that era, and so many African soldiers, slaves and former slaves owners fell to the sharp stumps of guns and knives. The world war one (ww1) finally came to an halt.

100 years ago, a war broke out in the western world, Europeans, it was describe as a let out of bullets to end all wars, from 28th, july 1914-11th November 1918, deaths became the friends of men, epidemic was a usual routine, soldiers lose their grounds, and commandant were washed away through this holocaust, and to shorten this narrative, a century has gone, since those tragic periods have existed, now is the time to remember our heroes, those who gave their today for our tomorrows.

How the war had affected Africans need no rebranding, as over six million African solders were dragged to fight their brothers, simply because of European border lines, while in Nigeria alone, more than 5000 soldiers, with fewer than 400, British soldiers, led the park to either victory or to their end, we might have forgotten them, back here, but over their, they surely would be remembered- surely they are, because the streets of twitter has had different dirges and eulogies in memory of those foot soldiers who gave their yesterday to secure our today.

The recruitment process in Africa, was huge, and as a Nigerian, this words I will keep its tragic to remember but they were from the bravest of acts among brothers seprated from their families, during the art of war,
“In Nigeria, there was a general rallying round among urban educated Nigerians. Speeches were made and money collected.

“Our kith and kin have gone to fight in our stead, and it is only right that we should give them all the support necessary… Ingratitude is the greatest reproach that could be flung at a native, and I therefore urge upon all to contribute their quota to this national fund so that it might not be said we are ungrateful to the British Government for many benefits conferred.”
Dr. Obasa, described in West Africa magazine as the “well-known Lagos public man,” speaking at a meeting of chiefs at Glover Memorial Hall, Lagos.

It still pathetic that as other countries of the world has gone ahead to build on the damages of the aftermath of the war, towards excellence and good governance, some countries are still, in the doldrums of penury and development, sadly Nigeria my country falls within this range. Shall we therefore let those slaves, warriors, and the 17,000 foot soldiers who joined the British camp at the borders of cameroon as volunteers even before the war had begun, shall we let their sacrifices be in vain? Well those act only depict the courage of the former Nigeria soldiers.

President Trump couldn’t be bothered to visit American dead at the Aisne Marne Cemetery because it was raining

The war which lasted for four years, two months, and three weeks, which brought about the signing of the Treaties of Versailles, Africans who took part in this war, also deserve some accolades, as reported by one British report, “We should…remember the world (Africans inclusive) as well as the war: all those involved, all the contributions, all the experiences, all the trauma, and the lasting legacy’. – Taken from the 2013 British Council report on WW1.

During war, often times the combatant are those remebered, the victors and those who lost, are those recalled at instant, no one remember the real heroes, those who saved lives while others are taking, those who remeber the faces of their men, of their people during the under pressure fires and bullets who know no friends nor foes,this soldiers also should be noted, flooding across the twitter world are words so emotional that one would might be forced to cry, or shed tears even for the one’s regarded as enemies of peace, one user wrote thus,
“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them
The Menin Gate Great War Memorial to the missing Ypres, Belgium” @wjacobs180, one would by title understand he is a Belgian, which prompted the remembrance of the Berlin conference 1884, a year whrre Africans fate were decided, but surely the soldiers who gave their life and all shall be Remembered, neither would they be forgotten.

Mike fleet wrote on his handle, “And what do the birds say? All there is to say about a massacre, things like “Poo-tee-weet?” This Remembrance Day I’m thinking of the friends and family who serve and have served, and of the families affected by war and conflict globally. We will remember them.

This therefore is nothing but a memoir to the African soldiers from my side, may their past continuously brought Unity where we have failed.

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